Christmas soon.

Currently I am sat trying to watch The Green Mile again while my other half is on the computer listening to Corey Taylor (of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame) singing a Christmas song. It is slightly surreal situation and a reminder that Christmas is not far off, which is one of my favourite time of year (summer being the other one). The problem is that working in a school seems to speed up time. I find myself constantly counting down to the next half term or the next end of term. This does not give the impression that I enjoy my job, on the contrary I love my job, but the countdown always seems to starts on the first day back in work. At the moment it is the count down to October half term. Granted I am hoping to go away for a few days with the hubby (which I am so excited about) but it seems to be an unconscious timer that all staff at school can relate to. It is funny, how even after a few days back after the summer “not long before half term” could be heard down the corridor. It’s not because the staff hate their jobs, in fact the majority love it, I just think it’s a habit, and it is that reason that I look back and think goodness it is Christmas soon. IMAG0199



My eldest daughter spent last weekend enjoying in the Reading festival. 22 years ago it was me enjoying in the Reading festival. How time flies, and it’s not just  the things my children are doing that is making me feel nostalgic. The house that I grew up in and built by my father now belongs to my brother and visiting today brought back a rush of memories, and I’m not quite sure why. I remember building a large tower of lego with my sister in the room that became the kitchen, and the time that a hard winter caused the power to be out for days, and while every other house was dark ours had the only light thanks to my fathers generator. It was loud and smelly but I could read. The time that my sister used to try and stay awake all night, we would wait until my parents were sleeping then sneak downstairs to make toast (if my mother knew she would have killed us for using the grill unsupervised), and how just doing this felt like a huge adventure. I remembered the times we had laughed, cried and argued, our pets and trips we had taken. It felt strange. It was as if I was saying goodbye to the house even though it is still in the family. The renovations my brother is making are things that are long overdue, jobs that my father should have had time to do (he was self employed and worked long hours), but for every extra wire he adds, and every gross tile that is pried from the walls adds to the feeling that this is no longer the home I grew up on. My brother and his wife are placing their own stamp on what is now their home, and rightly so, but it doesn’t stop me feeling a little sad._67346621_afowler


When i set this up i was undecided what to write about. I had thought about using this blog as a diary, and just write about my thoughts and my daily interaction with life, it would be the perfect outlet at the moment too. I suppose that is the route that I will go down while hopefully showing a little of my creative side that has been hidden for a long time (and with a little luck it will make an appearance during this creative writing course lol).

It has been a good weekend overall, and it has felt good to laugh. As a family we are facing some dark days ahead of us (my father and father-in-law are both fighting cancer) but we were determined to celebrate our daughters 16th in style. After our tradition of opening cards and presents, and welcoming visitors over (including both grandfathers), we took her to her favourite restaurant. She thoroughly enjoyed her day, and it was lovely to see her smile and laugh.

Cars are an amazing invention (just like computers, mobiles, microwaves etc) and are brilliant when they work. Having recently got rid of a moneypit in the form of a transporter van (which caused my hubby endless hours of stress) we thought that we would have hours of stress free enjoyable transportation with my golf, and my daughters yaris. But no the powers that be have decided that they enjoy seeing my hubby stress out over vehicle problems, and chose to turn on the engine management light of the yaris. Having plugged it into the now common diagnostic computer that is present in every garage we were told that it could be a sensor, but if the light stays on then it will be something else and much more expensive, which if left could seize the engine and eventually costing hundreds of pounds. So sensor changed, billed paid and fingers crossed I set off down the road thinking yes the car is sorted. Unfortunately I celebrated too soon, and yes you guessed it the light returned. Now we live in a technological time, with phones that can now take your blood pressure, and satellites that can watch your every move, so why can’t a diagnostic machine pinpoint a fault with the car instead of a process of elimination with each step having to be paid for. Well as you can guess hubby is not amused, and stress levels have risen.

Well that is my moan over, and while this has not played out like a diary entry, it has been good to off load.

Take it easy

Marie. xx     

Total Novice.

i have always thought that writing a blog would be difficult and time consuming, even though I have wanted to give it a try. Doing my last module with the Open University on creative writing has forced my hand really, so I thought why not lets give it a go.

I suppose I had better introduce myself. My name is Marie and I live in Llanelli in Wales. I am married to a wonderful man who is a tattooist and the biggest softie you could ever meet. I have three children, my eldest daughter is 19 and has just done exceptionally well in her A-Levels and is off to university, my second daughter is 16 on Sunday and is waiting her GCSE results next week while my youngest son is 11, and is thoroughly looking forward to starting “the big school” in two weeks.

As for me well, I just turned forty, which is an age that most people dread reaching, (my husband is 40 in two weeks and he is convinced that his age will start going in reverse instead of forwards), but for me it was just another milestone. I had a wonderful birthday and was totally spoiled, and that for me is just the beginning. I will finish my degree next year, and I don’t know where that will take me. It’s exciting times ahead.

My goal with this blog will be to try something new and enjoy the blogs that I read and hopefully it will be useful in passing my last module. 

Take care all

Marie xx